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10 Tips to optimize Your Website

Your less Website visitors? Possibly you requires tips-tips following so that your website gets many visitors.

1. You offers content original. Of vital importance to give information which is not made available in other website to your website visitor.

2. You offers free software. Many mans who is accessing internet wish to search for free software which can be applied in its the personal computer. For example: calendar, light game-game, organizer, reminder, etc.

3. You offers Quiz or Polling. Has become someone character which wish to win something. Tries create you quiz or contest simple to make someone desists in website you. For example: Polling about government policy, or quiz guess someone picture etc.

4. You are create directory accomodating mailing-list or list mailing list, which about required by someone in internet.

5. You offers to FREE E-zine you visitor. Someone sometime requires information in reguler is stepping into INBOX the email, because this thing can economize many things, for example time.

6. You are community similar through your website. For example you looks after people who to have hobby to collect stamp, you makes discussion forum for place of the the stamp collectors.

7. You offers affiliate program to your website visitor. Someone requires money, possibly to close operating expenses during access internet. With you makes affiliate program, hence a more regular visitor would access website andal

8. You provides in website utility that is useful possible for your website visitor. For example: free enamel, free auto-responder, search engine, etc.

9. And not less important, you can provide news that is now. You can limit, for example criminal special news, or special news of economics, etc.

10. You has product is wishing on the market? Provides free sample in your website.

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2 komentar to “10 Tips to optimize Your Website”

Ratno mengatakan...

Nice tips. But it's not esay to makes article fulfill that criteria are above. Needs hard work and experience to makes it.

gifter mengatakan...

agree with Retno, but I've tips
to make good article, write something that related with your passion.

and choose best hosting service so your site will rarely down.
for local targeted visitor i like to choose www.qwords.com , it's have 99% UP time server, and friendly CS online for 24 hour


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