Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

AdSense Keywords

Let’s say you have a site about arthritis. What kind of visitor is
most likely to click an AdSense Ad? One who is there for
information or one who may be looking to buy a remedy? This has
been well tested; those who are perhaps ready and willing to buy
something are more likely to click an Adsense ad.

Therefore, your site about arthritis will get more clicks if you
can attract visitors who could be potential buyers. Many of the
AdSense ads could be about arthritis remedies.

But how can you attract more visitors who are in the buying mood?

There is a new term going around the AdSense world lately. It is
called “commercial intent”. You want visitors with commercial
intent to visit your site as much as possible. The keywords you
optimize for are the deciding factors as to what intent your
visitors have.

Microsoft has a very cool new tool called Detecting Online
Commercial Intention which indicates which keywords have the
highest commercial intent value.

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